Survey Results Are In
Posted: 06-May-2020

Student Survey Results

We thank students that were able to provide some feedback on their experience of remote learning. This information has been vital in exploring ways to improve curriculum delivery and to support student wellbeing during this time. Some key findings from the survey included:

1. 98% of all students are completing their remote learning at home.

2. The average rating of student remote learning experience (1 very difficult and challenging to 10 which is excellent) was 6.22- however there were a number of students that were reporting scores of 1-3, indicating that remote learning is a challenging for them. These students have been followed through House Leader and TA intervention.

3. 93% of students identified MS teams as the best tool for remote learning.

4. 70% of students were happy with the amount of contact by their classroom teacher. 30% responded with 'maybe' or 'no'. This is a concerning figure for staff indicating that we need to consider some consistency in contact. Where possible staff are encouraged to adhere to regular timetables. We do acknowledge that many staff are caring/ supporting their own children and have made alternative/ agreed times to contact students.

5. There were quite a number of students that indicated that volume of work was excessive while others felt there needed to be more. We are looking at a breakdown of these results to see where there are discrepancies.

6. 33% of students indicated that they were not getting regular 30min exercise. We reminded students that in a period of high screen time that exercise is vitally important for wellbeing. We encourage students to find 30 minutes a day to get their heart rate up.

7. In describing their mood during remote learning, the most common responses from students were: Calm (513), Confused (425), Lonely (336) and Tense (253). The last three terms were of some concern to us. We have reminded students of the need to reach out to their social/ friendship group, continue to practice skills covered in the resilience diary and to connect with counselling and wellbeing services that are available from school.

Staff welcomed some advice from students to support their needs during the period of remote learning. This included:

-try to make work as clear as possible and include all the work for the 2 weeks in 1 email so students inboxes don’t get too busy

-Maybe send work a little earlier before the lesson

-to make everything more organised and keep in mind that it takes more time to do all the work than it usually would in class

-Just keep in touch with students, always double checking that the work load they are receiving isn't too much for them, or if they are feeling overwhelmed

-keep the ongoing PowerPoints and videos with audio, it helps heaps if confused with the task. check in regularly with students and give an rough idea of where we should be up to in our course work.

-the teachers are doing great, some supplying a lot of work but are ensuring we can get it done and they are all being very supportive, I don't have much advice other than maybe to call less as it I hard to do work and listen at the same time.

There were quite a number of comments such as those above. Staff have taken these points very seriously and as a consequence adjustments have been made.

We thanks students for this wonderful feedback.

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