Tennis Report
Posted: 11-Mar-2020

BAS Tennis Singles Results

On Monday March 2, eight students headed to the Ballarat Regional Tennis Club to represent Damascus in the annual BAS Singles Tennis Competition. In the Junior Girls Henderson Shield we had Isabella Pearce and Karla Gallagher playing. The Senior Henderson Shield had Megan O’Beirne and Mia Richardson competing. The Rob Benoit Cup was played by Jarrod Joyce and Brayden Joyce and finally the McNeil Cup was contested by Harley Crabtree and Oliver Pearce. It was great to see the parent and grandparent support at the preliminary rounds. After some tough tennis being played on the Monday, four students were successful in progressing to the finals that were played on Thursday March 5 – Isabella Pearce, Megan O’Beirne, Jarrod Joyce and Brayden Joyce.

Isabella went down 8-1 in her semi final. She should be proud in making it into the semi final. Megan had a convincing win in her semi, winning 8-1. After winning the Junior Henderson shield three years in a row, as a year 10 student, Megan found herself up against more senior girls in the Senior Henderson Shield. She too should be proud in making it not only to the semi final, but through to the grandfinal. Luckily the rain turned away and the finals were able to be played. Megan played well, however lost the final 2-6, 1-6.

In turning our attention to the boys, the Joyce brothers played off in the semi final. This was a hard fought match from Brayden and he certainly wasn’t going to hand the win to Jarrod easily. The rain looked as though it was going to prevent the game from finishing, however it held off enough to allow Jarrod to win the semi final 8-3. Jarrod then went on to play the final winning 6-4, 6-4 in what is now his second Rob Benoit Cup in a row.

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