The History of Stuff – 2017 VCE Drama Ensembles
Posted: 16-May-2017

The History of Stuff – 2017 VCE Drama Ensembles

Each year senior Damascus students present their VCE Drama Ensemble performances, where they present a series of original performance pieces as a showcase of their talents, skills and abilities.

This year students will present ‘The History of Stuff – Origins and Evolutions', and the launching pad or basis for this year’s performance is a lot of STUFF. More specifically it is about STUFF as nine senior students explore the history, evolution and origin of a wide range of … yes you guessed it, STUFF.

The Ensembles will be on Thursday 25th May to Saturday 27th May, at 8pm, in the Valda Ward Auditorium.

What is this stuff that surrounds us? What does all this stuff mean? Who belongs to this stuff? Where did this stuff come from? What should I do with this stuff? What stuff do I really need? Do I take this stuff with me? Where did it all begin? What is the meaning of life? Who invented the game of golf? What is the origin of carpet? Which came first the chicken or the egg? How did women’s rights, superheroes and the DAB evolve?

Mr Andrew Seeary, Performing Arts Coordinator invites members of the community to come along and watch this year’s VCE drama students attempt to answer the big questions and much, much more in two completely original performances.

“The plays will be a strong blend of both comedy and drama and will be presented within a non-naturalistic style incorporating an inventive use of stagecraft,” he said.

Please come and support our senior students as audience feed-back is vital to this task. No booking is necessary and entry cost is a gold coin donation. Performance time is 8pm. Venue is the Valda Ward Auditorium.

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