Timor Immersion Dinner
Posted: 17-Oct-2018

Annual Timor Leste Immersion Dinner

On Friday 12th October the annual Timor Leste Immersion Dinner was held in the staff room at Damascus College. Attended by past Immersion Team Members and the families of those who will be heading to Ainaro in 2019, the event was a joyful sharing of casseroles and dessert provided by the families.

As part of the evening there were reflections from the past immersions as well as the formal introduction of the new families. The evening concluded with some singing and dancing Timor Leste style. The Immersion team of 2017 taught the happy tune: Diak ka Lae? Which had everyone moving which was followed by the Timor Leste classic, Tebe Di. The way in which everyone entered into the spirit of the evening bodes well for the ninth immersion in Jun 2019. 

Diak ka Lae?       How are you?
Cristo / Ita Mak Solok      Jesus / We are happy
Hotu-hotu basa liman       Everyone clap hands
Hondi hatude ba ai       And point down at your feet
Tebe ho ain los      Stamp with your right foot
Tebe ho ain karuk      Stamp with your left foot
Hadulas ba mai      Spin around
Hodi buka belum seluk      And find another friend


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