Timor Leste Visitor
Posted: 19-Apr-2016

Since 2005 Damascus College has nurtured its relationship with the Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Sister Schools Program, and in 2011 Damascus ran its inaugural Immersion Program to Timor-Leste, for a group of Year 11 students to visit our sister school Santa Maria College in Ainaro.

Each year since then, Damascus raises considerable funds throughout the year to donate to Santa Maria College and various organisations within Timor Leste. This fundraising culminates in students and staff taking part in the annual Immersion Program to Timor Leste.

For the last three years, this Immersion team has also been visiting Klibur Domin, a health care facility in the village of Tibar (17km from the capital, Dili), which in the local dialect means Sharing Love.

We were fortunate to welcome, the Director of Klibur Domin, Senor Joaquim Soares whom visited Damascus College last Friday 15th April to offer thanks for the support of the recent trips Damascus has made to Timor Leste.

Klibur Domin was established in 2000 by Ryder-Cheshire Australia and is a Timorese NGO providing inpatient care, TB treatment and community based rehabilitation for those with disabilities.

Senor Soares was in Ballarat for the Ryder-Cheshire National Conference.

The trip to Timor Leste is an eye-opening experience for the students and staff whom participate. The 2016 Immersion Program will take place on 16th-28th June this year.

For further information on the Klibur Domin, please visit: www.kliburdomin.org

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