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Posted: 29-Apr-2020

Update Information

I hope you have managed to get your head around things and are settling in to remote learning. Firstly I do apologise for the delay in getting some further information to you, I have been waiting on VCAA to provide further information on dates. But unfortunately we are still waiting... I will send an update on this once I have further confirmation.

Please find below a copy of the VCE policies and procedures during the remote learning period. This document specifically outlines the key changes to processes you would usually expect back at school. It includes the key dates for the year, although we are waiting on some further clarification on when the GAT and end of year exams may be. It also outlines the expectations of you throughout this time and the process for special provision. I would ask that all students read this carefully so they are aware of the changes to dates and expectations during this period.

Please be aware that assessments (SACs) will continue as planned during this time, it may vary to what was planned but will be completed online or as a research task. The guide outlines the expectations of you during these tasks. Also please note if a SAC is missed, the expectation is you will contact myself and your teacher requesting an extension. Like at school you will need to obtain a medical certificate and email this through to Judy Vanderkley ( at student reception. The Missed SAC form will also need to be completed and returned to me, this can now be completed electronically and you can find a version of that form attached.

To be able to complete the missed SAC form you will need to download Acrobat DC, if you don't already have it. Instructions on how to do this are as follows;
> Go to Adobe creative cloud on your desktop and open the short cut (you can search this in the task bar too)
> Following the login in details using your school email
> Find Acrobat DC subscription and click on install
> You will be able to create a digital signature to be able to sign the forms as well. Just click on a signature box in the '2020 Missed SAC - Special Provision letter' and follow the prompts.

By installing Acrobat DC you will also be able to combine files and pictures as a PDF which may make sure weekly uploads a lot quicker and easier. To combine files do the following;
> Select all the files to combine
> right click on mouse
> select combine files in acrobat
> once in acrobat click combine then Save

I wish you all the best throughout this time, if you have any questions or need to apply for special provision please make sure you reach out.

As previously mentioned, if you are feeling heightened anxiety as these events are unfolding Kids Help Line at and/or Headspace at are excellent sites to visit for young people. I would also encourage you to talk through this with your parents, otherwise you are welcome to reach out to myself, your teacher advisor, house leader or the College Counsellors. At this time continue to stay connected to your friends via social media platforms.

2020 VCE Information Policy & Procedures - Remote Learning Guide 2020 VCE Information Policy & Procedures - Remote Learning Guide (231 KB)

2020 Missed SAC - Special Provision 2020 Missed SAC - Special Provision (558 KB)

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