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Posted: 17-Oct-2018

Damascus College Welcomes Fr Julio from Timor Leste

From Monday October 15th until Wednesday 17th October Damascus College welcomes Fr Julio do Carmo from the island of Atauro in Timor Leste. Fr Julio is the Parish Priest of the island and friend of Damascus College. He was a wonderful support to the 2015 Immersion Team when they stayed at Remexio on their first night in country. He was also a friend of former Damascus College staffer, Casey Baxter (nee O’Loughlin), who took her new husband, Anthony, on a mission to Remexio that year.

Fr Julio is also well known to former students of the college, Jessica Corden and Anna Haintz, who have been quite regular visitors to Timor Leste since they were a part of the first immersion in 2011. Fr Julio will work with the Immersion Team, visit Federation University and attend some classes before dinner with Immersion teachers who knew him when he was at Remexio.

Fr Julio is now the 6th priest of the Catholic Diocese of Dili to visit Damascus College. The following is a review of all priests to visit the College.

2009 Fr Andre Olla
2011 Fr Evaristo (Lito)
2014 Fr Albino
2014 Fr John Soares
2016 Fr John Felisberto
2018 Fr Julio do Carmo




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