Wellbeing Art Award
Posted: 27-Nov-2019


Congratulations to Charlotte Grimes and Millie Kirby who were the worthy recipients of this year’s inaugural Wellbeing Arts Prize.


"Inner Conflict"

I have depicted the theme inner conflict by positioning the model in a way that expresses confusion and indecision. The landscape is multiple railway lines with a setting sun in the background. The multiple track represent decisions that people must make throughout their lives, and how hard it can be.

The use of colour in the landscape creates contrast against the black and white tones of the portrait and draws attention to the centre of the image. I also accentuated the eyes to help the viewers understand the meaning of the photo and the emotions with it.

To take the portrait and landscape, I used a Lumix Panasonic GX7 camera. I was assisted by the model in the image and she deliberately wore black clothing so it wouldn’t draw too much attention.

"Wooly Livestock"

This artwork presents the woolly and warm texture of the subject matter. My artwork texture was inspired by an artist who is a livestock photographer Rachel Gordon. Rachel is amazing at capturing texture and scene of different farm animals. The depth and warm woolly texture makes me feel like I need to take more and more photos of different animals because it is quite difficult to present the perfect imagine when working with animals.

Materials I used was a Canon EOS 1100D camera and Shawn the Sheep. Also I used Photoshop to change the filter o the original photo into black and white to pull out the depth in between the wool.

Simon Carroll said that this award came about last year after conversations between staff and a then year 7 student about how a simple change had the potential to make the school sick bay rooms more therapeutic. It is hoped that displaying art work in the sick bays will provide a point of focus and reflection for unwell students as well as acknowledging some of our community’s emerging artists.

I would like to extend my thanks to all staff that made the establishment of this prize possible and to Brynne Milne (O13) for her role in inspiring some action to improve the Wellbeing spaces here at Damascus.

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