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Posted: 15-Jul-2020

VCAL Students in the Community

I just wanted to showcase some of the amazing work our VCAL students have achieved this term. With a range of assessments taking place in and around the Community, we have had students; making care packages to thank our ‘Frontline’ workers during the pandemic; students sending books to remote schools (Canteen Creek in Alice Springs); students offering elderly neighbours gardening services and baked goods; providing sporting and gardening activities to schools/footy clubs to encourage primary-aged students to get moving; gathering donations for the Shower Bus etc.

The way in which our students conducted themselves and represented the College is a true testament to the dedicated and compassionate young people that they are.

It was also really lovely to see the VCAL cohort undertaking testing of key Employability Skills workshops during the week, by participating in the ‘Burger Warz’ (see pic) and the ‘Murder She Wrote’ activities. We have some amazing students undertaking a rigorous program in VCAL which is led by a wonderful staff. Thanks to all involved.

Written by - Mrs. Belinda Dwyer


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