Year 10 VCE Unit 1 Exams
Posted: 22-May-2019

VCE Unit 1 Exam Info for Year 10s

Currently, students undertaking an accelerated VCE subject (and in preparation for Year 12 exams next year), are expected to complete a VCE Unit 1 exam this year. Where possible, clashes between Year 10 and 11 exams have tried to be avoided. If a student has an exam clash the expectation is for them to reschedule the Year 11 Exam with the VCE Coordinator, Matthew Hallowell. An exam timetable can be found attached to this letter. 
The following rules apply:
• Attendance is compulsory for all exams.
• Full school uniform is to be worn.
• Before the commencement of the exam, all electronic devices are collected and placed in a box. Ensure phones are switched off.
• Students are allowed a clear, plastic, label-free water bottle (no larger than 1.5 litres) which must be stored on the floor.
• Watches must be removed and stored on the desk and be easily visible by the supervisor.
• Pencil cases are not allowed in the exam room so we would encourage students to bring a clear zip lock bag with their writing materials.
• Teachers will inform students of specific materials required for each subject (e.g. type of calculator, summary sheets, etc.)
• Students with exam clashes are to reschedule a time with the VCE Coordinator, Matthew Hallowell, who will arrange a paper for the new time.

We wish students all the best in preparing for these exams and encourage them to seek assistance from their subject teachers in the lead up to the exams. Their subject teachers will be able to suggest study techniques that can be used to assist them in their preparation, looking at the study designs and the key knowledge that they can be assessed on is also vital in preparation.

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