Year 12 Ensemble
Posted: 22-Jul-2020

The Show Must Go On...

Damascus College has an enviable reputation for the performing arts, both in drama and music.

Since the amalgamation of Damascus College in 1995, the Performing Arts staff have worked hard to instil a love of performance within our students.

We are proud of our achievements and are indeed lucky to have so many staff at Damascus with an interest, background and passion for theatre and who recognise its special power to create confidence, discipline and pride within students of all year levels.

In 2010 a Drama club was established to cater to the many students who wish to pursue their interest in theatre outside the classroom experience.

Each year the school presents a whole school production by way of a school musical, or a play in alternate years. Every second year in Holy Week Damascus College presents ‘The Final Hours’, a contemporary dramatisation of Jesus’ final hours on earth. Students are involved in many ways, not just acting but also working backstage and front of house.

Currently our senior VCE students are finessing their ensemble pieces and will perform to a select small internal audience this week, due to COVID restrictions.

This year's ensemble explores and examines the concepts of Heroism both the imagined and the real. What is a hero? How does someone become one and what does it mean.

The ensemble task requires students to become playwrights and to perform their own material. But it really is so much more than this, it requires each student to work in a collaborative process that must depend on open communication and has provided rich opportunities for research, discussion and creativity as they have built, developed and refined a performance that reflects heroes in the world of 2020.

We are very excited to see what our senior students produce – good luck to all involved.

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