Year 12 Retreat 2020
Posted: 12-Feb-2020

An Extraordinary Experience

The extraordinary experience that that is the Year 12 Retreat at Anglesea was held once again at Camp Wilkin with 138 students and 19 supporting staff members. Journeying to the coast offers a profound opportunity at the commencement of Year 12 for reflection on life’s journey and to discover the significance of faith in community. A time of reconciliation afforded students a chance to set aside the issues or concerns of the past so that the way forward may be more open - to imagine a better world. The bible was consulted in a small group process that explored the wisdom of the Christian story and the power of the Christian message in people’s lives. There were stories shared of significant life changing moments, moments on insight from which there can be no turning back. There was face painting of the beatitudes of Jesus as a challenge to live a life that is focused beyond the self and onto the central mysteries of the human encounter with the divine. There was singing, an amazing grace, as well as reflection time and the chance to enjoy the company of friends and ice cream.


The final ceremony held on the beach was a summation of the affirmation that is the Year 12 retreat. The circle on unity expressed the attitude of those gathered as our time concluded in God’s name, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

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