Alumni Art Prize

2021 Alumni Art Prize Submissions - CLOSED

Want to earn $2000 for your art? Are you or someone you know a College alumni with an artistic flair?

The Alumni Art Project seeks to engage Damascus College Alumni (including past students or staff from Sacred Heart College, St Paul’s College and St Martin’s in the Pines) in the life and community of Damascus College through producing a piece of art that explores the school’s motto ‘To Live By the Light of Christ’.

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Launched in 2014, the College has engaged the services of an alumni each year to create a piece of artwork to be displayed in the Visitor Reception area of the College for a 12 month period. At the end of the initial 12 month period, the College will retain the artwork for display or storage in another location within the College.

Damascus College will pay a sum of $2,000 to the artist who has been commissioned to undertake the work. This fee will be paid in two parts. A first payment of $500 will be paid upon the signing of the 2021 Alumni Art Prize Artists Agreement. A second payment of $1500 will be paid in January 2021. 

Deadline for your 2021 Alumni Art Prize submission is Monday 1 June, 2020.

2021 Alumni Art Prize Application 2021 Alumni Art Prize Application (772 KB)

Submit your completed Artist Application Form along with sketches/outline of your proposed artwork and samples of your previous work to: to:
             Korina Hegert
             Alumni & Development Officer
             1412 Geelong Road
             Mt Clear VIC 3350

Deadline for your 2021 Alumni Art Project submission of interest is Monday 1st June, 2020.

The artist will be chosen and notified in August with the art piece and artists statement to be delivered to the College by mid November.


  • 2015  Kim Anderson, Class of 1997
  • 2016  Nareda Lewers, Class of 1996
  • 2017  Peter Thomas, Class of 1992
  • 2018  Seona Murnane, Class of 1995
  • 2019  Amelia Johnson, Class of 2017
  • 2020 Rachael Beardall, Class of 2014
  • 2021 To Be Announced

2015 Kim Anderson2016 Nareda Lewers2017 Peter Thomas 2018 Seona Murnane2019 Amelia Johnson 

2020 Alumni Art Project Artist Chosen

To Live By The Light of Christ – Bees
Acrylic paint and impasto on canvas
Artist – Rachael Beardall, Class of 2014

The 2020 artist commissioned is Rachael Beardall, Class of 2014. Rachael created this unique art piece of acrylic and impasto on canvas. Each artist is asked to develop an artist statement describing the motivation behind the piece.
2020 Artist Statement


When applying for this Art Project I sat and pondered our College Motto ‘To Live By The Light of Christ’. For me, Damascus College represents a wonderful community of young people who are on their own journey in life and have so many stories to share. Then I considered some of the great things that Damascus is involved in and I kept coming back to the environmental aspect.

Our College is set on such rich land with beautiful views in every direction. This campus has beautiful nature grown into its roots, so I began to peel away the layers of the environment. We have beautiful Gum trees, walking trails, wildlife, big and small, and for me the mightiest of them all; the humble Bee.

The Bee is such a wonderful creature. Bees are perfectly adapted to pollinate, helping plants grow, breed and produce food. Nearly two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural production benefits from bee pollination but the numbers of bees are shrinking at an alarming rate. I hope that focusing on the bee will raise awareness of them and their importance.

The Blue-Banded bee ties in with the cycle of a student at Damascus. Our College nurtures students to be whatever they choose in life, offering many pathways. I have seen many examples that, through education, students understand and care for our planet. 

Blue-Banded bees are native to Victoria and are very prominent on our campus grounds. I wish to pay respects to the Wadawurrung people for the care of this land that I hope we walk gently on. I have featured the Murnong plant. The Murnong daisy connects to our indigenous brothers and sisters who have walked this land for generations and used this little yam as a food source, pollinated by our little bee. I have also included purple lavender as I find it interesting that the Blue Banded bee is drawn to purple flowers and foliage and, therefore, these have a higher pollination rate.

With my artwork, I invite the audience to consider how they ‘Live by the Light of Christ’ within their own community. Hopefully, through this artwork, the awareness of our native bees will become more apparent and we can start to appreciate them in their entirety. To me, a simple bee, often unseen but one of God’s beautiful creations, brings forth the presence of the ‘Light of Christ’.

Rachael Beardall, Class of 2014

Alumni at Damascus College are defined as past students and staff of Damascus College and its foundation colleges, Sacred Heart, St Paul’s and St Martin’s in the Pines.