College Overview

Damascus College promotes an environment in which students are inspired and challenged to reach their potential within a Catholic context. All students are valued and encouraged to strive to become independent learners with the capabilities to apply knowledge and skills as they are challenged to make a contribution to global society in the twenty first century.

Learning and Teaching

In Years 7 and 8, the students participate in programs that encourage the further development of foundational skills and knowledge, building on their experiences of the primary years. They also experience a range of new subjects in the Arts and Technology. In Years 9 and 10, students are encouraged to pursue pathways that enhance their interests and challenged to make links between concepts and processes in a purposeful environment. Years 11 and 12 provides opportunities for each student to realise their potential and to further develop independent learning skills as they complete their secondary education.

Pastoral Care

All members of the Damascus College community are encouraged to work together to build an effective climate for pastoral care which pervades all areas of school life. Everyone is involved in and responsible for pastoral care using a diversity of approaches and methods to suit the needs of the College community.

Mercy and Justice

As a Christian community, the values of Mercy and Justice are integral to our day to day interactions. Based on the teachings of the Church and the inspiration of Jesus Christ, we endeavour to foster relationships centred around respect, responsibility, honesty, truth and inclusion between all members of the College and broader communities. At the College we endeavour to enrich the lives of our students through our Catholic identity and share with them the story of Catherine McAuley and what it means to be part of the Mercy community.