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Please download the below documents for further information on bus travel to Damascus College.

CDC Ballarat Routes Times for Damascus College 2022

Information for Country Bus Travellers

Travel to Damascus College

Travellers from Country Areas

Students travelling to the College from surrounding country areas would normally travel on a free contract bus service. Parents/guardians need to ensure they are aware of the nearest bus stop to their residence and the time the bus stops there. In most cases the application to travel on this bus is made to the Regional Bus Co-ordinator during the student’s Grade 6 year, after they have been enrolled at Damascus College. It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to check that this has been done.

If the student resides more than 4.8 kilometres from the nearest bus stop and the Campus they are attending is the nearest Catholic secondary school, then a travel allowance called the Conveyance Allowance may be available for the journey to the bus stop. The claim form is available from the Office and must be completed and returned by mid-February each year.

Travellers from the greater Ballarat area

Students within the greater Ballarat area attending Damascus College and who live more than 4.8kms (radial distance/straight-line measurement not by road) from the Campus attended, may be eligible to claim reimbursement for the cost of transport. This is conditional upon students making use of concession fares, including the purchase of yearly or half yearly tickets. A student must also be in attendance full-time to be eligible.

Claim forms are available from each College Office and must be completed and returned by the first week in March each year. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to complete claims annually and to ensure the correct information is supplied as per the application.

Any queries relating to eligibility or conveyance claims may be directed to the Campus Office on 5337 2222.

Families with students on country buses need to familiarise themselves with the bus company’s protocols on days of severe, extreme, or catastrophic fire risk and have alternative plans in place.

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