Damascus College operates under a structure of policies designed for this setting but informed by legislation and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.

In preparation for the change of governance in 2022 Damascus will adopt a dual platform of Damascus and DOBCEL policies with any reference to the Board or the DOBCEL Board, being the responsibility of the Damascus College Board until the 31st December 2021. The Board and the Leadership Team continue to provide scrutiny of the suitability of policy to this setting.

College Policies & Procedures:

Administration of Medicines in School Policy

Alumni Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy and Procedures

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asthma Management Policy and Procedures

Attendance Procedures

Australian Democratic Principles

Behaviour Management Policy Procedures and Appendices

Catholic School Culture Policy

Child Safety Policy

Communication Policy for Schools

Complaints Management Policy Procedure

Critical Incident Management Plan

Digital Technology Policy

Duty of Care Policy

Duty of Care Statement

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Form Explanatory Statement

First Aid and Infection Control Policy

First Aid Infection Control Procedures and Appendices

Grievance Procedures Students of a DOBCEL School

Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy Parent Student

Grievance Procedures for Parents Care Givers of a DOBCEL School

Learning and Teaching Procedures Secondary

Mobile Phone Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference

Occupational Health and Safety Consultation Roles and Responsibilities Guide

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy

Prevention of Bullying Harassment Discrimination Policy

Privacy Policy

PROTECT Identifying and responding to Student Sexual Offending

PROTECT Reporting and Responding Obligations Policy

PROTECT Reporting and Responding Obligations Procedures

Record Management and Archives Policy

Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy

Responding to a Critical Incident CEOB Guidelines

Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct

School Camps Excursions and Off Site Activities Policy

School Child Safety Officer Role Description

School Fees Policy

Social Justice in Action Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Student Behaviour Expectations

Student Behaviour School Policy

Student Care and Health Policy First Aid

Supervision of Students Policy

Supervision of Students Volunteer Information

Suspension and Expulsion of Students Policy

Volunteer Engagement Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Extra-curricular activities

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