At Damascus College we understand that each student has individual learning needs and we aim to provide classroom activities which differentiate for the abilities and learning styles of our students.

We encourage young people to think, to analyse and to reflect. Rather than teaching them what to think, we teach them how to become flexible, creative and analytical thinkers. Our goals is for students to reach their full physical and spiritual potential and we do this by providing them with the tools and support they need to achieve this outcome.

Assessment at Damascus College:

  • Identifies the learning outcomes intended and the criteria used for measuring student progress
  • Focuses on the individual, taking into account the dignity, self-worth and uniqueness of each individual
  • Covers a wide range of learning areas and different learning styles that involve a variety of methods of assessment
  • Consists of both formative and summative tasks

Reporting at Damascus College:

  • Enhances future student learning
  • Utilises a variety of methods
  • Takes into account the intended audiences - students, parents/guardians and teachers; and where appropriate, other educational institutions and/or employers
  • Provides information about students' progress, participation and attitude in all areas of learning and suggest ways by which further learning may take place

Written reports are issued to parents/guardians periodically.

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