The pastoral care and student well-being program at Damascus College is integral in supporting students to become their best.

Through the provision of structures whereby students feel supported, guided and empowered, they are able to move through their education with a strong sense of being nurtured yet independent.

Damascus College has created a pastoral care program which allows each student and their parents or guardians to feel well-supported throughout their time at the College.

All members of the Damascus College community are encouraged to work together to build an effective climate for pastoral care which pervades every area of school life.

This program and philosophy endeavours to:

  • Find expression in the inter-connectedness of faith, care and support
  • To develop the educational and personal growth of all students in an atmosphere reflecting the gospel values of freedom, love, hope, mercy, justice and service
  • To develop relationships of trust, co-operation and partnership between staff, students and their families, the parishes and the wider communities
  • To espouse a holistic approach to education

Therefore, everyone is involved in and responsible for pastoral care using a diversity of approaches and methods to suit the needs of the College community.

To complement the pastoral care of our Teacher Advisor groups, the College provides a professional, confidential counselling service which is available to all students, staff and families with referrals, if required, to other professionals in the community.


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Take a virtual tour of our campus