The Damascus College Rowing Program is a vibrant and committed group of students, parents and staff. Rowing is a wonderful team sport that demands commitment, passion and hard work.

Rowing is a sport with a long and proud tradition in Ballarat. The natural feature of our Lake Wendouree provides a recreational and sporting focus for community enjoyment. Rowing as a sport is considered by many as the ultimate team activity and in preparing young people for the future, the decision was undertaken in 2012 to offer rowing to the students of Damascus College. The College undertook a review of the rowing program in 2019, which confirmed the place of rowing and strengthened the structures to support the student experience.

What do we want from rowing for our students? We want them to build relationships and skills through working in a physical team environment. We want young people to experience the challenges and rewards that being a part of a strong team offers and we want to provide another opportunity for young people to build connection to their school and broader community.

Rowing requires commitment; a crew cannot train or compete without each member being present and steadfast. Success in the sport is achieved when each participant plays their own specific role and does that in collaboration with the rest of their crew. The synergy of an effective rowing crew is an absolute expression of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. It is in this spirit that Damascus College supports rowing. Experiencing success is important in life and rowing, but so too are the important lessons for young people in defeat and in losing graciously. As a Catholic school, we believe in the innate human dignity of each member of our community and we strive to support each student to grow holistically. At Damascus we believe rowing is a wonderful sport, that can be enjoyed right throughout life and Damascus College is a great environment to learn the technical skills.

We encourage our parents to immerse themselves in the rowing program too. Many opportunities exist for parents to support their children through rowing, and through that support, our school. Programs such as this can only exist with a substantial voluntary contribution from our parents and the broader community. Damascus College and rowing families acknowledge and appreciate this generosity.

The Damascus College Rowing Program commenced in 2012 and is currently being run with the assistance of the Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club (WBRC) through their Adopt-a-School program.

Rowing is an important team sport which requires dedication and commitment, and Damascus College is pleased to offer this opportunity to our students.

Please click below to download the Rowing Handbook:

Rowing Handbook 2023

Rowing Uniform:

Compulsory and optional rowing uniform items can be purchased through the Regatta Shop online store, please access the store through the below web link:

The Regatta Shop - Damascus College

For any enquiries, please contact the Regatta Shop direct on 03 9555 2785.

Damascus College Rowing Program Contacts:

General Enquiries -

Sports Co-ordinator - Gavin Webb

Rowing Logistics & Technical Support - Paul Blanchfield

2020 Damascus College Rowing Squad

Extra-curricular activities

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