Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Damascus College community.

Damascus College is a Christ centred co-educational Catholic secondary school, where all within the College work hard to build an educational environment that allows young people to flourish and be their best. Damascus College is founded in the values and commitment of the Sisters of Mercy and the Parishes Priests of Greater Ballarat.

In exploring a Damascus education, it is important to us to establish a relationship where the school operates in collaboration with the family to enable young people to thrive. Strategically and structurally, Damascus College endeavours to create an environment that builds up;

  • Faith and Catholic identity,
  • Learning and academic growth
  • Physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, and
  • Community and global citizenship
Matthew Byrne, Principal

Quality teaching, effective leadership with targeted resourcing are the enablers to providing the contemporary learning environment for which Damascus has become known. Underpinning the Damascus educational experience is the Teacher Advisor program, this program is informed by a Canadian model but adapted for regional Australia. The Damascus Teacher Advisor program strives to build rapport between the school, the student and the family when secondary education is often a time when this partnership can diminish. Our intent is to provide the support needed to enable young people to be their best and to grow into early adulthood in a safe and supportive environment. The strategic pillars outlined above underpin the program.

It is well recognised that when students build engagement with their school they feel more connected and able to work through the challenges that adolescence can present. The Damascus community works hard to provide an engaging learning experience along with a diverse range of learning and co-curricular activities. The College strives to find points of connection for students to strengthen their enthusiasm for the school experience. We are confident that we offer a broad range of opportunities that are appealing to most young people.

Damascus College is located in a magnificent setting, with a team of committed, faith based educators that are committed to the best outcomes for young people. We delight in the fact that we offer a Catholic educational experience that supports/engages the whole family. I encourage you to learn more about Damascus College as a school to enable young people to be their best!

Matthew Byrne

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Our vision, values and strategic goals

Our Vision

Damascus College is a dynamic Christ-centred learning community that values each member, and is committed to inspiring and challenging students to reach their potential and contribute confidently to the global community.

Our Values

At Damascus College we value:

  • our founding traditions and Mercy heritage;
  • quality learning environments enabling student success and wellbeing;
  • a community of compassion, justice, pastoral care and responsible stewardship of our environment;
  • collaborative leadership
  • quality resources and
  • partnerships - the wider Catholic community, local Ballarat area and other education providers

A shared vision and values inspired by biblical and Damascus College traditions, demonstrated by:

  • providing leadership-in-faith opportunities for students, staff and the broader community;
  • ensuring that the Gospel and Catholic traditions are understood as guidance and support for life; and
  • personal and community responses to God's call in today's world expressed as social justice.

Progressive and innovative learning and teaching that maximise educational outcomes for all students, demonstrated by:

  • quality, targeted professional learning for staff;
  • self-directed students inspired by high expectations; and
  • quality educational outcomes that are measured and evaluated.

Respectful relationships that value all members in an inclusive, and welcoming community which celebrates diversity in a safe and supportive school, demonstrated by:

  • commitment and pride in contributing to Damascus College life;
  • shared expectations that both encourage and challenge all community members; and
  • a safe and sustainable environment cared for by all.

A community where the contribution of all to the College and broader society is optimised, demonstrated by:

  • confident and clear communication processes giving voice to the wisdom of all;
  • engaged parents who contribute to the growth of students, the College and broader community; and
  • strong links to the global community.


In 2021 Damascus College is proudly celebrating 140 years of Catholic education

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