At Damascus College, restorative justice is the foundation of the disciplinary approach.

Restorative justice is a practice that emphasises repairing the harm caused by one's behaviour which is generally accomplished through cooperative processes. It is a restorative method, rather than a punitive one and allows young people to reflect on their behaviour and learn from their mistakes in a constructive way.

The College's approach to discipline is aimed at reinforcing respectful relationships and modelling restorative behaviour, and for Damascus College it is founded in the spirit of reconciliation that comes out of our Christian tradition.

At Damascus College:

  • The utmost care and respect for the College and other people‚Äôs property is required;
  • Everyone in the College community is involved in and responsible for discipline which is based on respect for self and others;
  • Everyone has the right to feel secure, therefore any action that infringes this right (eg.bullying, harassment etc.) will not be tolerated; and
  • Every student has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach, therefore behaviour that makes this difficult is unacceptable.

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