The House structure at Damascus College is the foundation of the College's pastoral care and well-being program.

All members of the College community - students and staff - are members of one of the four Houses. When a student is enrolled he/she is appointed to a house and remains a member of that House whilst a student at Damascus College. Siblings are placed in the same house.

This House system is the basis for the Teacher Advisor grouping of students and for many of the activities which take place in the College such as sport, drama, music etc. Each house has a staff House Leader and an Assistant House Leader, these staff not only promote the House team spirit and coordinate student participation in inter-House sporting competitions, but they also play a key role in student well-being. House Leaders work with students, parents and other staff members when matters arise relating to academic progress, pastoral care or discipline. Thus, the House system is one of the ways in which the College pastoral care system is implemented.

The names of the four Houses recognise the origins of Damascus College and each House has its own colour. The four Houses are below.

ColourHouse NameFounding PatronHouse Values
McAuley HouseCatherine McAuley was the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, who co-sponsor Damascus College

Justice, Compassion Wisdom, Faith, Strength

St Martin HouseSt Martin De Porres is the patron saint of the poor and of social justice; he is also a patron of people of mixed race and racial harmony.Service, Participation, Trust, Diligence, Truth
Rice HouseBrother Edmund Rice was the founder of the Christian Brothers.Resilience, Commitment, Dignity, Independence, Justice
Xavier HouseMother Xavier Flood was one of the founding Sisters of the Convent of Mercy, Ballarat East and the first Principal of Sacred Heart College.Tolerance, Learning, Endeavour, Excellence, Community

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