Key Staff at Damascus College

Name & Function

Email Address

Mr Steven Mifsud
Mr Chris Grant
Deputy Principal
Mr Justin Marson
Leader of Business Services
Ms Sarah Boswell
Leader of Marketing & Development

Mr Ashwin Pillai
Assistant Principal, Learning & Teaching
Ms Sharon Lehtonen
Assistant Principal, Catholic School Culture
Mr Andrew Robertson
Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing
Ms Alysoun Smalley
Leader of Curriculum & Assessment
Ms Hannah Keating

Leader of Student Wellbeing
Ms Karen Goonan
McAuley House Leader
Mr Daniel Jans
St Martin House Leader
Ms Nicole Hexter

Rice House Leader
Ms Karen Hocking

Xavier House Leader
Ms Naomi Olthof

Learning Area Leader, Arts
Mr Michael Bennett

Learning Area Leader, English
Mr Joseph Carmody

Learning Area Leader, Health & Physical Education
Mr Gerard Macklin

Learning Area Leader, Humanities
Mr Finian Augustin

Learning Area Leader, Languages
Mr Hamish McCrum

Learning Area Leader, Mathematics
Ms Ivanka Saric

Learning Area Leader, Science
Ms Tamzin Perkins

Learning Area Leader, Technology
Ms Jennifer Casey

Learning Area Leader, Religious Education
Ms Georgia Shillito

Careers Leader
Mr Andrew Seeary

Performing Arts Coordinator, Drama
Ms Maria Russell

Performing Arts Coordinator, Music
Mr Matthew Hallowell

Leader of Student Growth & Engagement
Mr Hamish Walsh

Sports Coordinator
Ms Belinda Dwyer

VCE Pathways Coordinator (Applied Learning)
Ms Caroline Nolan

VCE Pathways Coordinator (VCE)
Ms Lynda Calistro

Human Resources Manager

First Aid Officer
Tuition Fees

Extra-curricular activities

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