Together. We are Damascus.

Together, we celebrate our proud history and recognise and celebrate our foundation schools; Sacred Heart College, St Paul’s Technical College, and St Martin’s in the Pines. Past students and staff of these foundation Colleges and Damascus College form our alumni.

The purpose and aim of the Damascus College alumni group is to:

  • Create ongoing links between the College and the alumni Community
  • Engage alumni through the provision of activities of interest to members
  • Recognise its alumni for their contributions to the wider community, the College and its students

As an alumnus, you can enjoy the opportunities available to you to participate and reconnect with the College and past students and staff, through:

  • Reunions & Special Events
  • Alumni Facebook Groups
  • Publications
  • The Alumni Artwork Prize
  • The Shining Light Award for Inspiring Alumni


Alumni at Damascus College are defined as past students and staff of Damascus College and its foundation colleges, Sacred Heart, St Paul’s and St Martin’s in the Pines.


Take a virtual tour of our campus

Take a virtual tour of our campus