The Christian Personal Development Award (CPDA) is a program which brings together the many personal development opportunities available to students and reinforces the need to be proactive about personal development in the senior years of College life.

Through its structures and processes, CPDA brings together the many personal development opportunities open to students at Damascus College, by collating the possibilities and recording the student’s participation in them, students are able to have a record of their Personal Development in the form of a certificate. The certificate is presented at the end of Year 12 to students who have completed a minimum of 120 balanced hours of personal development - 30 hours in each of four categories.

At Year 10 level the students are introduced to CPDA with a week of activities in the week opposite Work Experience.

CPDA Categories

To develop skills in action for social justice at global, national and local levels and a sense of community service and responsibility

To encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance.

To recognise a commitment to the development of the spiritual aspect of the human person.

To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills, as well as creative approaches to personal development and a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Year 10 CPDA Introductory Program

Develops the reflective potential of the students in terms of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy by developing a series of small group creations. The creations are prepared as part of the first day and shared in the process of the second day. At the heart of the retreat is the scriptural text concerning mercy found in Matthew' Gospel (25:32 ff.)

Students learn of the reality of city life by experiencing aspects of cultural diverstiy. A tour on Melbourne transport networks and an exotic meal are included the day.

Students experience activities that they may have not tried in the past in small groups. Volunteers from the many clubs in Ballarat and District come into the College to share their passion with the students.

Students perform physical talent identification assessments under the watchful eye of the students from Federation University - School of Human Movement. These tests assist students in selecting the sport or activity for which they show physical potential.

Students gain an insight into the world of volunteering by participating in a day of community service in the areas of land care, elderly support and social justice. This is arranged with Ballarat Health Services, St. Vincent de Paul Societies, Salvation Army and local land care organisers.

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