Tuition Fees are charged on an annual basis. The first fee statement is issued in February with the annual charges shown. Subsequent statements will then be issued at the beginning of each term.

2024 Tuition Fee Amounts
Year 7$6,290.00
Year 8$6,460.00
Year 9$6,940.00
Year 10$7,100.00
Year 11$7,420.00
Year 12$7,420.00

Other Fees & Payment Options

A Capital Levy of $400.00 per family will apply in 2024. This fee is levied for the ongoing capital upgrade of College facilities.

Families will be required to pay a technology levy of $320.00 per student in 2024. The technology levy will be added to families fee accounts.

The tuition fee covers costs related to the College tuition, administration, subject levies, camps, excursions and incidentals. The tuition fee does not cover optional aspects of the College’s program, services provided for individual music tuition or overseas travel, the Rowing program and some major projects undertaken by senior technology students. These will be charged at various times through the year as appropriate. The ability for families to access extra-curricular items attracting additional costs will always be dependent on fulfilling payment plan commitments for student tuition.

Parents and guardians are reminded that early written notification of a student withdrawing during the College year is required. Where a student exits the College during a Term, fees are payable to end of the Term the student exited. Fee accounts will be adjusted pro-rata for tuition fees and the capital levy.

A Fee Payment Plan must be completed by all families and returned to the College by November. If a completed payment plan is not received fees are due and payable in full by February the following year.

The following options are available for the payment of school fees:

• Payment in Full by 28 February. (This will attract a discount) The following early payment discount is offered where the fee account is paid in full by February 28:

One student - $200.00 Two or more students - $350.00

Families who chose to pay in full via direct debit or credit card will have their payments processed on the 28th February. Please note: Where the fee account is split between families the payment in full will be split accordingly

• Installments

The following installment arrangements are available:
• Weekly payments (not available for Credit Card payments via direct debit)
• Fortnightly payments
• Monthly payments
• Quarterly payments

Other installment plans may be arranged to suit family budgets. Please contact the Finance Office if you require assistance to determine the payments required to clear the account balance prior to the end of the school year.

The following facilities are available for the payment of accounts:
• Cash
• Bpay
• Direct Debit
• Credit Card
• Centrepay deduction

CSEF will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities. If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance will be paid against your fee account as camps, sports & excursion costs are built into the tuition fees.

How to Apply
Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from the website here.

Family Discounts – two children
A discount applies where two children in a family attend the College at the same time, with an automatic discount of 12.5% off the total Tuition Fees.

Family Fee Structure – more than two children
Where three or more students from the one family attend the College in a school year, the tuition fee charged will be limited to the fees for the eldest two students, and the 12.5% family discount will be applied. The effect of this is that the total payable is limited to two students only.

If you have any concerns regarding payment of College fees, you are encouraged to discuss these at any time with the Business Manager. To arrange an appointment please phone Tracey Williams on 5337 2236. Where appropriate, you may be able to make alternative arrangements to pay fees, or seek a concession. It is not helpful to ignore notices for request for payment as debt collection processes will be initiated.

As a last resort the College will commence debt recovery or take legal action where no adequate response has been achieved from approaches for fee payment. Costs incurred by the College from such methods are fully recoverable from the Debtor. This is a last resort for the College but is necessary as a matter of justice for paying members of the school community and the financial sustainability of the College. Please note: Where an account has been referred for legal action families will be required to make an appointment with the Principal/ Business Manager to discuss the continued enrolment. Failure to comply with this request may see the enrolment discontinued.

A copy of the College Fees Policy is available on the Policy Section of this website.

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