Older students mentor and provide peer support to younger students, enabling them to develop and learn from the experiences of others in a non-hierarchical structure.

The Peer Support Program is a peer support initiative whereby Year 10 and 11 students work with a small group of Year 7 students to encourage discussion about issues and problems they may encounter or are already facing during their transition into secondary school. The older students act as mentors, educating the Year 7 students on how to handle peer pressures, and they provide support and teach life skills which empower the younger students.

The overall aim of the Peer Support program is to build the self-esteem and confidence of our Year 7 students by connecting them through friendship and structured activities with older students. This results in a reduction of bullying incidences and a more cohesive and friendly school environment.

The mentors are trained by the Peer Mentor Staff in the preceding year and meet with their Year 7 group regularly during Semester 1. All Year 7 students participate in this program.

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