Be strong and courageous; for God is with you wherever you go

2021 Damascus College Theme

Our Annual College Theme

An annual theme is a long standing tradition at Damascus College. It provides focus and direction as it grows from our scriptural heritage in line with the strategic directions of the College. The annual theme offers direction to the preparation of significant prayer and especially the major college Masses: The Opening Mass and Damascus Day Mass. Typically, Religious Education class groups are involved in activities indicated by the theme for the year. The responses of the students become a feature Damascus Day ceremony, creatively integrated into various elements of the eucharistic event.

In 2021 our Damascus theme come from the first chapter of the Book of Joshua. “Be strong and courageous; for God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1.9. It makes a suitable follow-up to our consideration of justice, kindness and humility in 2020. For these things, justice, kindness and humility, rely on a faith that is strong and courageous. God is with us on our journey. In the Spirit and with Jesus as our guide, our Christian faith gives soul to restorative justice, to student well-being and to teaching and learning in an atmosphere of resilience so we may be our best.

The text comes from one of the more violent books of the bible. The central section of the book describes the waring actions of the Israelites, the ancient Hebrew people. Nation by Canaanite nation are overcome as the ancient Hebrews lay claim to the Promised Land. The text is presented as the fulfillment of the promise made by God to Abraham in the book of Genesis. However, the book is not a call to arms. It is rather the vindication of divine justice in the fulfilment of the Abrahamic promise. Those nations and individuals who accepted the covenant of Moses were not suppressed. Israel itself was forbidden to act in the ways of the Canaanite gods which included human sacrifice and lude religious acts. The book concludes with the prophecy of the annihilation of Israel, if the covenant of Moses is not maintained, reiterating the need to be strong and courageous from the opening chapter.

The choice of image below, reflects the challenge to courageous acts represented by the giant swing at the Year 7 orientation camp held in the opening weeks of term 1 each year.

Extra-curricular activities

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