Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit (John 15: 5)

2022 Damascus College Theme

Our Annual College Theme

An annual theme is a long standing tradition at Damascus College. It provides focus and direction as it grows from our scriptural heritage in line with the strategic directions of the College. The annual theme offers direction to the preparation of significant prayer and especially the major college Masses: The Opening Mass and Damascus Day Mass. Typically, Religious Education class groups are involved in activities indicated by the theme for the year. The responses of the students become a feature Damascus Day ceremony, creatively integrated into various elements of the eucharistic event.

In 2022 our Damascus theme comes from the fifth chapter of the Gospel attributed to St John: Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit (John 15: 5). By the year 100CE when the gospel was composed, the writer of the Johannine material, describes this divine creative energy that is the Spirit at work in the early Church as the abiding love of God. The ideas of love found in John, were an echo of the commitment already a feature of the emerging faith communities. Jesus and the Spirit and the love of God were now everything and the members of the house churches were its living witnesses. The vine was blossoming despite some pretty trying circumstances.

Fast forward 1922 years to the other side of the earth at a school in Mt Clear, named Damascus College. The circumstances remain testing but we continue the heritage of those early resilient communities. In a sense, we exist because of the witness of the men and women of those first communities and down through the centuries. This is our call too. To be witnesses. We are challenged to remain focused on the light of Christ and so to abide in God’s love. It is then that we will be able to be fruitful and be our best. The abiding love of God we find in the creative Spirit of Jesus, the anointed one, is our enabler. In Christ, we have the power to be fruitful as Damascus College and beyond to the earth community.

The choice of image below, reflects the abundance of the gifts of the Spirit on our planet. The abiding love of God reminds us that for humans and other than humans there is Only One Earth. We are being called to live sustainably in harmony with nature by bringing transformative changes – through policies and our choices – towards cleaner, greener lifestyles.

2022 College Theme

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